We improve your company through technology

We carry out an intense work of technological consulting to offer each of our clients the technologies that best suit each case. We combine existing software and hardware products with our own developments. So, we come to all the features that the prototype of our client requires.

Automotive IoT

We know how the automotive sector works in terms of IoT. INDALTER has made very interesting developments for important clients of the sector.

Tailored IoT solutions

We develop customized IoT solutions. From gadgets with internet connectivity, to industrial automation and home automation systems. We offer the best solution for each case, and if what you are looking for is not in the market, we create it for you!

Enterprise Software Platforms

We design and develop customized applications for companies. From complete Intranets, to applications with very specific purposes to optimize processes within companies.

Mobile Apps / Web

We develop integral developments of mobile applications of quality, robust and functional. We study in depth important issues such as usability, design and data security

Indoor positioning

We create INDOOR positioning systems for multiple industries where relevant data can be extracted: RETAIL, LOGISTICS, IoT ...

We reach accuracies up to 5 cm in our most advanced system versions.

Prototyping of ideas

Share your idea with us, and we will guide you so that your project can be tested in the real world as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We accompany you in the process of conceptualization and design, and if the model works, we assist you in the product's production

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