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Our Concept

Indalter is an international leader in the development of technology-based business solutions. Our bespoke solutions have created successful outcomes for clients in the pharmaceutical, automation, event planning, and transportation industries.


Indalter's primary mission is partnering with clients to co-envision and deliver custom, innovative solutions which integrate well with your existing technology environment 


 We offer deep expertise in the entire lifecycle of e-health solutions from the development of science-and-medicine focused content leveraging 3D animation to implementation and deployment across any device or technology.


Our outstanding Investigation Development and Innovation Department collaborates on software and hardware solutions with a select group of clients. Indalter looks forward to engaging with you on a successful Proof of Concept to demonstrate value and first-class user experience.

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EHealth, events, automation,data, digital transformation, and digital commerce. 


e-learning Platform, 3D interactive solutions, MOA Animation, App Design, 360 °Panoramic Video, Immersive Experiences, Virtual Reality (VR) , Augmented Reality (AR), Medical Gaming Experiences, eCRF (Clinical Trials) y IoT.  



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