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Creating differential experiences and next-generation solutions that boost and transform your business

We are experts in the design of digital experiences and the optimization of results through the implementation of state-of-the-art technology.

We promote digitally companies, organizations, institutions and medical societies.


R&D Projects


Companies prefer to carry out their conceptual ideas by implementing them with technology to intelligent systems; IoT, sensors, biosensors, robotics ...

We offer to assess these implementations with the aim of completing incomplete methods or ideas and verify that the concept or theory thereof is capable of being exploited in a useful, efficient way and that it meets all the anticipated requirements.

We can assess these projects to identify gaps and increase effectiveness to guarantee your idea can be delivered in an efficient manner that  meets expected and unexpected requirements.

Unify concepts, software, and hardware to make an idea or project a reality.

Through collaboration we join efforts and knowledge providing greater capacity to tackle high-risk R&D projects, while simplifying the issue during a PoC. 

We offer state-of-the-art feasibility and production projects for all types of devices. Our expertise includes both hardware and software. 

We can assess your project’s capability to deliver in the most agile, efficient, and economical way that lowers risk for your business. 

Ros Architecture


Our development and R&D team has carried out extensive research in the world of robotics, using the ROS environment, which allows rapid, solid and scalable development over time.

Multiple sectors are implementing this type of technology, which, combined with other areas such as computer vision and artificial intelligence, make it possible to achieve goals that were unimaginable until recently.



Case studies of R&D Projects


AGV monitoring system for real-time problem detection.

AGV data extraction and processing in real time


SEAT - VOLKSWAGEN Tier 1 software supplier for Internet of Things environment


CITELUM EDF R+D Logistics.


Smart Car 

R+D collaborators

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