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Creating differential experiences and next-generation solutions that boost and transform your business

We are experts in the design of digital experiences and the optimization of results through the implementation of state-of-the-art technology.


We promote digitally companies, organizations, institutions and medical societies.


Immersive  Multimedia


We develop animated 2D and 3D video content using innovative, cutting-edge technologies (AR, VR) to digitally transform any idea or project into an interactive, highly engaging product.

  • Multimedia content - Animation

  • Virtual reality

  • Augmented reality

  • Interactive Experiences

Through animation, Indalter recreates an idea, a process or an aspect that is difficult to understand in an immersive journey in a friendly and gamified environment.

Indalter uses animation to present complex, difficult-to-understand ideas and processes in an immersive and friendly way. We specialize in gamification. 

Our industry-leading experience and depth of knowledge in the field of animation ensures that our work is detailed, scientifically accurate, and presented at the appropriate level of detail for your target audience.

Our high-quality images create a strong brand identity that can be used across multiple channels based on your needs.


Case Studies


MoA, Cardiac Amyloidosis mechanism of action.

Moa Amiloidosis
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MoA, mechanism of action molecule LCN Omega Base.

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