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Creating differential experiences and next-generation solutions that boost and transform your business

We are experts in the design of digital experiences and the optimization of results through the implementation of state-of-the-art technology.

We promote digitally companies, organizations, institutions and medical societies.


Scientific Communication


Indalter offers a range of science-focused services which combine creativity and innovation with scientific accuracy and attention to detail.

Your custom content is delivered via a versatile mix of scalable technology plaforms, guaranteeing product-market fit.

Using 2D and 3D medical animation, Indalter will take you and your target on an immersive journey through complex biological processes. Our technolgy makes it easy to understand how your cutting edge treatments can address various pathologiesThe result is always a precise, surprising visual product with the maximum scientific rigor.

The result of collaborating with Indalter is an engaging, visual product with maximum scientific accuracy.

We transform complex scientific and medical concepts into clear, concise and messages via MoD or MoA animation.

Our background and experience in the sciences ensure that the medical animations we create are scientifically accurate and presented using the appropriate language and depth for your audience.

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Taylor Made Projects
  • Gamify your materials for increased interaction 

  • Amplify user adoption

  • Increase user engagement time with your content

  • Records the presentation and offers an interactive tool to extend the relevance of the event.

  • Monitor and manage both content and user engagement metrics